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Revamp your work instruction strategy.

Training is very important within an organization. It impacts quality and productivity. Your business success depends on your ability to get your team trained efficiently. Let us help you with this process!
Magnifying Glass

Work Instruction Strategy 


If you have a safety, quality, delivery, or cost improvement goal, we can help! Let us lead the way with our experienced leaders. We'll uncover the hidden issues and build out a road map using data, industry knowledge, and continuous improvement tools. 


At Kaizen Collab, we pride ourselves in building simple and feasible road maps. We also provide the resources needed to complete the tasks ahead. Let us help. 

Our Process

Strategy Pre-Work


We will review all metrics and goals with your team. The pre-work phase will include data collection, employee interviews, process observations and more. Our goal is to gather as much information as possible so we can understand your processes and the barriers impacting you from reaching your goals. 



Strategy Event


This is the fun part! We'll gather in a room with your team to map out each point of your employee's training process. The goal is to identify all issues negatively impacting the preferred state. To do so, we must identify a current state, bottlenecks, and a future state. At the end of this exercise, we will have an improved process that will meet your goals. 



Strategy Post-Work


After the strategy event, there may be action items to complete. We will build a detailed action plan for you and your team to follow. By following this action plan, you'll be able to meet your goals. Kaizen Collab can also provide additional resources to help you get the actions done. 



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