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We record videos for your work instructions

Most employees are visual learners. Combine video with your written standard work procedures to ensure the best training methods for your team.
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Why Training Video

Successful standardized work training is a strategic alignment of information, tools, and collateral that helps produce effective and efficient operations. This training helps your employees fully understand the process and requirements. 



At Kaizen Collab, our approach to video training focuses on striking the right balance between instructions and employee engagement. We build personalized training based on the needs of your processes and efficiency goals. 

65 % of the population consists of visual learners

Our Process

Operation Review and Scheduling


We'll sit and strategize a video plan for your standard work procedures. Our team will spend time observing your processes and also recommend lean improvements. From there, your team will implement changes (if desired) and we will schedule your video recording. 



Video Filming 

After the schedule has been set, we'll come to your location and record your operations. All personnel must be informed about filming prior to our arrival. We will capture all the required footage in order to build an instructional video. 



Video Presentation


After filming, our team will use the raw footage to build your standard work videos. Your team will have the opportunity to make revisions based on the contract details.  After the final approval, our team will deliver the final videos for your use. 

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