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A simplified learning management system 

Your training management system is just as important as your training material. Let us help you build structured courses for your team. We'll use the videos to map out a training plan for your processes. You can also access dashboards and more. 
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Why you need a learning management system.

In this age, learning on the go is a must. Companies have to develop a way for employees to learn at their own pace. This will allow employees to go back and review their learning over and over until they completely understand the job. Everyone wants to do well, so we have to build their capabilities by providing them with the right tools and resources. 

Our learning management system will allow employees to view videos at anytime. They will be able to easily access courses, quizzes, and dashboards to understand how to do the job at hand. 


Build Courses with Minimum Effort 

Use just about any multimedia element you want to create courses that will engage your learners and help them grow.

Mobile Ready

A Learning Management System (LMS) built from scratch to work. Available for iPhone and Android.

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Build Custom Reports

Choose the insights you need to make the best decisions for your learners and your training.

Learning Paths

Restrict the way that courses can be completed or course content can be viewed.

Surveys Engine

Collect and analyze survey responses.

Files repository

Organize, reuse and share files with selected users.

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