Build a Best-In-Class Process Using Lean 

Our highly trained lean practitioners help facilities improve safety, quality, delivery, and cost. 

Don't Get Left Behind in Lean 

Competition is very strong in your industry. Every day companies are using new technology, skills, and equipment to gain an advantage.  In order to stay competitive, we have to build our products smarter. This is where lean comes in. Companies who are able to build more with less continues to thrive above their competitors. 

Our Services


We will build a comprehensive assessment of your current operations using our lean framework.

Lean Tool Implementation

We'll help you deploy lean tools such as kaizen events, lean daily management, standard work, 5S, and more.

Lean Training

We'll train your team on  the fundamentals of lean. 

Project Management

After your improvement projects are in motion, we'll manage the details for you to ensure completion and sustainability.

Bill Waltz, VP and Group President

Over the past few years, I have set a strategic priority on improving product cost effectiveness. Amery was a key driver in this successful initiative. She helped our team identify millions in cost savings opportunities, designed our lean program with a focus on sustainability, and trained 20 kaizen event facilitators across 7 plants.


In less than a year, we saved $7.3 MM. Thanks to Amery’s leadership, we now have a structured program and trained leaders who continue to drive cost out.

Jeff Sherman, VP and General Manager

Amery’s steadfast commitment to structure, process, toolkit, and mindset around continuous improvement played a key role in leading our business into a new era of productivity and material improvement.  Under Amery’s watch our business saved an average of $4 million per year in productivity and material savings.  In a commoditized low margin business it was this savings the allowed us to consistently achieve our profit goals.