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Video Work Instructions 

Standardize training, reduce quality defects, and improve new hire retention with better training 

How to Change Forklift Brakes

Kaizen - Training Video Sample

Kaizen - Training Video Sample

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Turn Your Operators into Empowered Self Learners

We're living in a YouTube society. Everything that you want to learn is available on video. According to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents. With over 1 million millennials entering the industrial sector by 2025, it’s time to empower your team with the right training materials. 

We Care About Your Success!

Building a video library takes a lot of time. Let us help!


Work instructions captured


cost saved in error reduction and productivity increase


Labor hours saved in training time

Our Services

Work Instruction Strategy

We'll help you analyze your current work instructions. Most companies do not know exactly how much money is lost due to poor work instructions. We'll help you identify this number, recommend improvements, and build a strategy to advance. 

Work Instruction Video Creation

No one likes to read a 50 page document to understand their job. Here is where we can help. We will film, edit, and publish videos of your most critical processes. We usually start by focusing on the processes that are tied to your key goals. 

Learning Management System

We've partnered with a very user-friendly platform to turn your videos into self paced training courses. Your team  will be able to access the videos at any time. We'll take the videos we've created to build courses and quizzes. This will give your team the training they need on the go.

How Our Process Works

1.manufacture-recording (3).gif

Step 1:

Kaizen Collab will record work instructions for your key processes.

2.Upload-Video (1).gif

Step 2:

Next, we will edit and upload your videos to a private hosting platform assigned to your company.

3.worker-with-tablet (1).gif

Step 3:

Operators will watch videos through a tablet, mobile phones, and/or desktop

5 Step Kaizen Webinar

All improvement starts with a good framework. In this webinar, we break down the process we use to help our customers reach their goals. 
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