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Learn How to Reduce Manufacturing Cost by 10% in Two Days Using Our 

Hidden Cost Framework. 

Needing to reduce cost this year? Our methods have helped companies save millions. We will show you how to strategically find, fix, and sustain the most overlooked cost savings opportunities. 

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!

The Hidden Cost Framework 

 The Hidden Cost Framework provides a different perspective on how to reduce manufacturing cost. Typically, companies go after large bucket items such as headcount and material usage to lower cost. These factors are important, but there are additional costs significantly impacting the bottom line that often go overlooked.


Have you ever calculated the total cost of losing an employee (i.e. talent search, quality issues, overtime coverage)? What about how much a faulty machine is really costing you in lost profit, maintenance cost, and overtime to catch up? These hidden costs often go overlooked, increasing direct material and labor costs. 


We have designed a step by step proven process that is guaranteed to produce results to your bottom line. We will teach you how to identify, fix, and sustain cost savings in your organization. Our online program is self-paced.

Next Class Starts on March 5

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!

Who is this course for?

  • Plant Managers

  • Production Managers

  • Lean Leaders

  • VP Manufacturing 

  • VP Operations

  • Manufacturing Supervisors

  • Manufacturing Engineers

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!

What You'll Learn

The most overlooked cost savings opportunities in organizations

How to clone a  two day hidden cost kaizen event

How to sustain your cost savings without the hassle

BONUS*** Kaizen Collab Training (free 30 Day trial)

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!

How the Program Works

Bill Waltz, VP and Group President

Over the past few years, I have set a strategic priority on improving product cost effectiveness. Amery was a key driver in this successful initiative. She helped our team identify millions in cost savings opportunities, designed our lean program with a focus on sustainability, and trained 20 kaizen event facilitators across 7 plants.


In less than a year, we saved $7.3 MM. Thanks to Amery’s leadership, we now have a structured program and trained leaders who continue to drive cost out.

Jeff Sherman, VP and General Manager

Amery’s steadfast commitment to structure, process, toolkit, and mindset around continuous improvement played a key role in leading our business into a new era of productivity and material improvement.  Under Amery’s watch our business saved an average of $4 million per year in productivity and material savings.  In a commoditized low margin business it was this savings the allowed us to consistently achieve our profit goals. 

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!

How the Program Works


Step 1: POST- Registration

After you register, we will send you a meeting invite with details about the program launch. The meeting invite will include an online meeting link, date, and call in number.  You will also receive a questionnaire so we can better understand your goals. 

Step 2: Launch

After you've attended our program launch meeting, we'll give you access to our online courses and workbook. The courses are self paced.


We'll also provide homework and quizzes to strengthen your understanding of our framework.

Step 3: Weekly Meeting

Each week, we will hold a meeting to discuss the framework and answer questions. You will be able to submit your questions early to your instructor. Use this time to share progress, ask questions, and hear about the great projects your classmates are working on. 

Meet Your Instructor

Amery Williams| VP Global Continuous Improvement

 Amery has worked in the manufacturing industry for 10 years, starting her career with Harley Davidson and General Electric.  Amery specializes in manufacturing cost reduction -  using lean and culture change tools to get results. She has been awarded for creatively solving problems. Amery's work has helped companies save millions in defect reductions, inventory optimization, organizational efficiency and more. Amery has lead over 38 manufacturing plants in successful cost reduction results over her career.  

Registration is limited to the first 50 leaders!