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All-In-One Improvement Suite

Capture, Monitor, and Share all of your improvements in one-place. Check out our features! 

Improve Project Visibility


Quickly review the status of your continuous improvement program. Our comprehensive dashboards gives you a glance at opened projects, closed projects and your total cost savings. You can also use our search features to find projects related to keywords.

Analyze Cost Savings

Run reports to view cost savings over a particular time frame, location, person and more. Quickly see how you're performing on your cost savings goals at all levels.

Cost Savings Report
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Project summary 1-Pager

On the go? Quickly print out a 1-pager for each project. The 1-pager will include the problem statement, metrics, action items, and more.

Finally, a tool designed for lean.


Kaizen Collab input fields and features are specifically designed for lean. Capture important details such as problem statements, metrics, dashboards, current state/future state, and more. 

Project Management for Continuous Improvement
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Keep Management Engaged


Managers will get notifications when projects are entered, behind, or closed. Now, managers can send motivational messages to teams to keep the projects on track.

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More Reasons to Love Kaizen Collab's Software

Project Planning

Automated Communication

Automated Reporting

Business Case Builder

Use our proven strategy for building a case. No matter if you're trying to get resources or funding, we'll guide you on the process for getting buy-in fast.

Stakeholder Updates

To keep leaders focused and bought-in, they need status updates. Let us handle this for you. We'll send leaders a message when a project is opened, behind, or closed.

Metric Tracking Report

Track key metrics such as productivity, on-time delivery, customer complaints and more. Each metric will have its own trend chart. You can also capture if you missed the goal and the reason why. 

Process Analysis Tools

Showcase your process by utilizing our analysis tools from fishbone diagrams to value stream maps. You can also upload before and after pictures to your project.

Task Reminders

Never forget another task. You no longer have to store tasks on an excel file located on your desktop. Share the wealth. We'll remind your team when a task is due.

One Page Project Report

Each project is equipped with multiple tabs to capture key information. If you need to roll the information into one document, you can use our one-page project report.

Project Library 

Store key documents such as standard work, measurements, raw data, and more for each project. You can also store documents that you'd like to share with your company such as templates. 

Team Chat 

Need a place for a quick chat within the project? We have you covered. Launch a Skype for Business Chat right inside your project.

Program Target Reports

High-level reporting is a must. Have a cost savings goal tied to your improvement projects? We have built-in reports to view by user, location, department, and  more.

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