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Try "On The Go" Video Work Instructions for 30 days 

Standardize training procedures, reduce operator related errors, and improve operator retention with better training.

About Our 30 Day Program

Video work instructions are the best way to train employees. Research shows that employees are 75% more likely to a watch video than to read a document. With that being said, you may still have some questions about the effectiveness of videos. We believe there's only one way to find out if videos are right for you... JUST TRY IT! We've built a low cost 30 day program to help you get started. We'll provide the video, hosting platform, tablet, and more for a special price. 

Our Program Approach

Easy to Understand

As lean practitioners, we believe in using the PDCA cycle to test out solutions for a problem. ​
PDCA was developed by renowned management consultant Dr. William Edwards Deming in the 1950s. Deming wanted to create a way of identifying what caused products and processes to fail to meet customers' expectations. His solution helps businesses to develop hypotheses about what needs to change, and then test these in a continuous feedback loop.
We believe that 80% of quality, productivity, and cost issues are related to lack of standards and/or poor training. Poor training also causes safety and retention issues. Having quality training videos at your operators' fingertips will help solve these problems. Let's use the PDCA cycle to test this method at your facility. Give it a try! 

How Our Program Works

Step 1: Plan

Before we get started, we need to identify a key process at your facility. We recommend that you start with a process that typically has safety, quality, or productivity issues. Your team will also need to provide current state data on key metrics to get a clear picture on where you are starting.

Step 3: Check

We'll review the results from the video work instructions with you after 30 days. We typically survey employees and review performance metrics to understand impact. We'll compare this with data with your current training process as well. 

Step 2: Do

Kaizen Collab will create video work instructions for your key process. We'll upload the video to our video hosting platform and give your operators a tablet to access the video at anytime. We'll also train your employees on how to access the videos.

Step 4: Act

After you've reviewed the results and estimated ROI of the training videos, we'll work with you to standardize this process. The next step is to build a schedule to create remaining videos for your key processes. 

Inside Our Program

You'll receive:

  • (1) 3 hour strategy session to identify key process and calculate impact to business 

  • (1) Professionally Recorded Video 

  • (1) Samsung Galaxy Tab E SM-T560 8GB Black 9.6" WiFi Tablet

  • (1) OtterBox for Tablet 

  • 30 Days Free on Video Hosting Platform

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support 

  • 10 Page Report on 30 Day Program Results

Program Goals:

  • Identify high impact process and standardize work instructions with video.

  • Compare effectiveness of current training program vs. video work instructions by reviewing 30 day employee performance results. 

  • Review employee survey results/thoughts on current training program vs. video work instructions.

  • Calculate and compare ROI 

  • Make decision on video work instruction program after reviewing results.

Work Instruction Sample

Kaizen - Training Video Sample
Play Video

30 Day Program Investment

We only offer this program to a small number of organizations.  In order to be considered, please apply below. We will contact you if you have been accepted into the program. After admission, we will send you details on how to pay, schedule initial meeting, and the steps on how to get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  
Warehouse Workers

30 Day Program Package

This price includes:

  • (1) 3 hr. strategy session

  • (1) Professionally recorded video

  • (1) Samsung Tablet

  • (1) OtterBox for Tablet 

  • 30 Days Free on Video Hosting Platform

  • 24/7 Support.

  • 10 Page Report on Program Results


This price does not include any travel fees. If you are not local to the Dallas area, we will send you a quote. 



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